KonQa combines the latest style and designs with the most technologically advanced fabrics to create the best performing custom sportswear for clubs of all levels across a variety of sports.

Having been behind the major re-launch of an International Sports Brand in Australasia and the Pacific Islands, KonQa was created to provide sporting clubs of all levels access to quality products with an unparalleled level of customer service.

One of our fundamental values is offering an alternative in allowing clubs to have a personalised answer to their apparel. We offer an exclusive opportunity for clubs and sportspeople to customise their own jerseys, shorts, socks, jerseys,polo shirts jackets, bags, tracksuits, scarfs, beanies and hats.

At KonQa we offer a complete design service with no minimum order quantities. We are unique in producing one-off shirts for individuals, 6-a-side shirts for Futsal teams, 8-a-side for Volleyball teams, 10-a-side for Basketball teams and over 1000+ for community sporting clubs like soccer and AFL.

KonQa work closely with clubs, administrators, supporters, coaches and players to ensure that clubs can access a range of professionally designed and manufactured sporting apparel at a highly competitive price that offers a compelling reason to purchase.

We come from club land; we understand first hand that clubs require immediate attention outside normal working hours. We are strategically structured to ease the strain on clubs and ensure that all players, coaches and administrators get the attention and service they deserve.

KonQa Opens
KonQa opened it's doors for business back in May 2015.
First Merch Order
Did you know, our first ever order was for Beanies and Scarves from Surf Coast FC. Whom were the first large club to put their trust in us and we still supply them for both kit and merch today.
First Custom Kit Order
Our very first full team, custom kit order was made by Canberra based Futsal club, Timberwolves.
Moved Location
We opened our first office and warehouse at 9/71 Victoria Crescent
Moved Location #2
We moved location to our much larger space at 3/71 Victoria Crescent
May 2015
May 2015
June 2015
June 2016
July 2017